The following instructions would be used if you are replacing or adding additional shades to your premium remote. 

If you are using the Z-Wave Standard or Plus remote, click here for instructions

1. On each shade, press and hold the program button for 7 seconds. When the shade jogs, release the             buttonAll remotes are now removed from the shades. However, the shades’ upper, lower, and home positions are still set.


2. Press and hold the MENU/RIGHT button for 2 seconds to enter the menu.

3. Select ZWAVE > INCLUDE.

4. On the shade you want to pair, press and hold the program button for 3 seconds. When the shade LED flashes green, release the button. The remote’s screen will indicate that the shade is now paired with the remote.


5. Repeat steps 2–4 for each shade you want to pair.

6. Assign the shades to channels by following these steps.