If your cellular or pleated shade is hanging crooked and manufactured prior to 2019.   Please use the below instructions. 

If your shade was manufactured starting in 2019, please click here for proper adjustment steps

1.  Use a carpenter’s level to make sure the brackets, window, and mounting surface are level.

2.  Using the remote control that operates the shade, briefly press and release the DOWN button. Allow the shade to reach its lower limit. 

3.  Once the shade stops, press and hold UP and DOWN simultaneously until the shade jogs. 

4.   Holding the DOWN button, allow the shade to travel beyond its programmed lower limit; the shade will overextend and may start to raise. Note: If the bottomrail rests at a window sill, it will be necessary to pull it away from the window so that the bottom rail does not rest on the sill while it is in motion.

5. Using the UP button, bring the shade back to its intended lower limit. Hold the MY/STOP button until the shade jogs. 

6. If shade is still uneven: remove shade from installation brackets using wide bladed device such as a paint scraper. Insert tool between the headrail and the bracket. Proceed to Step 7. 

7.  Remove the plastic dust cover.

8.  Make sure cords are not twisted or tangled in the headrail. If needed, remove the plastic cover to adjust the cords.
If corrected, complete Steps 10-11
If still uneven, complete Steps 9-11

9. If the C-clips are not positioned evenly in the headrail, slide the clip away from the cradle to raise the shade, or toward the cradle to lower the shade. 

10.  Reattach the dustcover. 

11.  Reinstall the shade into the brackets. 

12.  If still uneven, proceed to Step 13.

13.  Remove one endcap from the bottomrail.

14. Slide aluminum slat from bottomrail. Placing a piece of tape on the end of the aluminum slat makes it easier to slide.

15. Locate cord on the side of the shade that is lower. While holding cord, push on bottomrail securing cord with a Spring Clamp (see Tools Needed).

16. Shades with Cord Guide Button: Mark cord with pen to indicate where new cord knot should be located. Retie cord knot so shade is even in length. Continue to Step 23

17. Shades with Cinch Button: Mark cord with pen to indicate new location for cinch button. Continue to step 18 for instructions on how to rethread cinch button.

18.  Thread cord through hole of cinch button as shown.

19.  Wrap cord up through top left finger opening, down back and through bottom left finger opening.

20. Wrap cord up through second top finger opening, down back and through bottom right finger opening.


21. Wrap cord up and through top right finger opening, around backside, ending with the cord coming out of the third top finger opening. 

22. Snap cinch button into bottomrail.

23. Test shade by raising and lowering several times. Readjust cord as needed if not level.

24. Once shade is level, replace aluminum slat and endcap being careful not to dent slat. Hint: Placing a piece of tape on end of slat makes it easier to slide back in.

25. Test shade by raising and lowering several times. Readjust cord as needed if not level.