If your gateway looks like this device, please follow these steps.  

Periodically, updates are sent out to Gateways that can include various improvements. Also, when a Gateway is first setup, it will automatically update to the most current firmware.

First, give the Gateway time to complete the update. If the updating status on the account screen has been in that state for quite some time

  • Power cycle the Gateway by unplugging from the power source for about 20 seconds, then plug back in. 
  • Allow the gateway to reconnect to the WiFi.   This could take a few minutes.  

  • If still stuck on "update screen", click on the "help" within the app to generate an email to Customer Service.

    For additional support:

    • App:  On the main account screen or login page, click on “?” Icon – this will generate an email template – be sure to fill in all information requested,  
    • Email:  motorization.support@springswindowfashions.com,  
    • Customer Service Team: 1-800-221-6352
    • Note: Responses could take up to 24 hours