Either the Gateway has no power at all, or it is reporting all is OK and the app is not synced

The Gateway LED should be reporting an LED status if the Gateway is physically offline. The Gateway can appear offline in the app, though it is still online and OK. First ensure your phone has internet service and connected to Wi-Fi, close and reopen the app and allow the app to resync to the account servers and show the updated Gateway status. 


A) Make sure the Gateway is plugged fully into the USB Power Adapter and/or receptacle

B) Make sure the receptacle or the USB Power adapter is plugged into, is powered and working

C) If using their own USB power adapter, make sure it meets min. power requirements and is on

D) Perform a Wi-Fi reset on the Gateway by doing the following:

  • Quickly tap the Gateway programming button twice. When the Gateway LED starts blinking blue once per second, the Atom Network should be available. Return to the shade app, restart the process for adding a Gateway to the app and follow the prompts