The below instructions are for shades that were purchased starting March 2021 to current.  

For shade purchased prior to March 2021, click here for instructions to replace the end cap.   

Click the attached PDF for steps to replace the end cap on the shade to print instructions.

1.  Disconnect power from the shade.   Remove dust cover, starting with top corner.  Run flathead screwdriver across the top to separate it from the headrail. Place pressure on the back to remove.

2.  Disconnect endcap cable by gently pulling wire connection from socket. (4 wire ribbon)

3.  Remove the endcap from the headrail gripping the assembly and pulling away from the headrail. Note: It may be necessary to wiggle the endcap while pulling to disengage from the notch in the headrail.   Once the endcap is removed, slide the ribbon cable out of headrail.

4. Disengage the cover from the housing. Position thumb on the cover and apply force in an outward and downward motion.

5.  Gently raise control board out of housing to allow access to the push button.

6.  Remove the old push button by pushing out of the housing as shown below.

7. Insert ribbon cable and antenna into endcap housing.

8.  Replace the control board into the original position in the housing.

9.  Insert the new push button into the housing by pressing into the housing as shown.

10.  Reattach the cover to the housing.

11.  Reinsert the endcap ribbon cable alongside the power cable.

12.  Reconnect endcap ribbon cable to motor.

13.  Install the endcap into the headrail.

14.  Reconnect power to the shade and proceed with programming shade to remote.