If the Gateway LED is flashing blue (one sec between) then the Gateway is not connected to Wi-Fi

  1. Make sure the Wi-Fi network in the home is working and on
  2. Make sure the Gateway is plugged into an area there is a stable, healthy Wi-Fi signal
  3. Unplug and plug back in the Gateway (power cycle) and let it reestablish the Wi-Fi connection
  4. If still flashing, check your phones Wi-Fi settings and see if the atom network is broadcasting (Atom_######). IF it is, the Gateway needs to have the Wi-Fi details setup again. Go to the main account page and click “+” or “Add new Gateway” and follow the prompts for setting it up. Note: After you get through the setup process, you will receive a popup box that reads, this Gateway is already setup to an account. Just click OK, the Gateway will remember the Wi-Fi details you just entered
  5. If still flashing and the Atom Wi-Fi network is NOT showing in the Wi-Fi settings, then quickly double tap the Gateway program button. This will clear the Wi-Fi settings in memory, now see, STEP D for reconnecting the Gateway to Wi-Fi