Before you begin, ensure ALL devices that have already been added to the Gateway, are powered and working from the app, that shades are not reporting a “Failed to Communicate” error. The Gateway goes through a process of communicating to all devices already on the system, they need to be working otherwise this could cause issues adding new devices. If shades that are already on the app have a “Failed to Communicate” error, resolve that first, before continuing with further troubleshooting

  • If the shade does not add to the Gateway, it may already be networked to another remote or controller. When trying to add with the Gateway/app and at the countdown timer, if the timer is at 0, and the shade did not jog after letting the button go and the LED on the Gateway is solid blue (gateway is in inclusion mode) follow these steps
    • click the option at the bottom of the app that says “Retry” The app will turn off inclusion mode and turn on exclusion mode on the Gateway to attempt to exclude the shade. At this point, the app tells you that it is ready to remove the device, and the Gateway is solid blue (gateway is in exclusion mode)    
    • Put the shade into learn mode by pressing and holding the shade button until it blinks green (3-5         seconds) and release. If the shade jogs, after releasing, the shade was successfully excluded. Next,     click the “Try Adding Again” button, to turn inclusion mode back on, and to try re-including the shade


There are a few other things that can cause the Gateway to not add a device. The first and most important thing to check is to confirm the device is fully powered, on and working.

  • For checking Shade, use the manual button to operate the shade. If the shade does operate OK check that the batteries are brand new Energizer Lithium batteries (Shades on low power do not include to controllers properly). If the shade does NOT operate from the manual button, triage/fix power to the shade and try again
  • Make sure the Gateway is going into inclusion mode, by watching the LED. When the app says it is ready to add the device, and the countdown timer is running, the Gateway LED should be solid blue. If it is not, cancel the device pairing wizard and fully close the app (do not just minimize the app) and re-open it. The app will re-establish connection with the Gateway and restore functionality
  • If shade power is good/confirmed, make sure the Gateway is close to the shade/remote that you are adding. Devices should be within 3-5 feet of the Gateway when first adding them. After the device is successfully added to the Gateway, the shade or Gateway can be moved farther away from each other
  • Make sure the shade antenna, is not missing, damaged or broken and its sticking out into the room

Tip: You can use an extension cord to plug-in the Gateway which will allow you to move it around and closer to the shades while adding them

Note: Be patient and let the Gateway configure the shade, if when adding a shade, and after the letting the button go when putting the shade into learn mode (holding for 3 seconds) it jogs once, the shade is being networked into the Gateway. The more shades you have on the Gateway, the longer the process can take for the naming page to appear