Use the myLink's scene feature to control multiple channels of motorized products with a single tap. 

You can have a total of 25 scenes per myLink.

How to Create a Scene

To create a scene, access the scene screen from the button on the bottom of the screen or main menu.

Press the plus button to add the scene and name it. 

Now press the plus to add the motorized products you want to be associated with the scene and name it.   Then press the plus to add the motorized products you want to be associated with the scene. 

In this "Wake Up" scene, we want eth shade to open.   to do this you'll first select the myLink (if you have multiple myLink devices), then select the roller shade and prese the up command for open.

How to Edit a Scene

To edit a scene, click on the pencil sign and edit as needed.   For example, you can now change the name of you "Wake Up" scene to "Good Morning".  

You can change the name of your schedule or the time of the activation, as well as change the scenes associates with your schedule. 

To add another product and command, you want to be a part of this scene, click on the plus sign.   Repeat to add more products, or click Done to save this scene. 

Now let's activate the scene:   Simply go to the scene menu and press "Good Morning".   all the products associated with this scene will now open! 

How to Delete  a Scene

To delete a scene click on the pencil sign, select the scene you wish to delete and select DELETE from the bottom of the screen. 

Click here if you want to create schedules.