Available Power Sources

  • Batteries
  • Plug-in transformer
  • Multi-motor (direct-wired) power supply (select Dealers)

Size Recommendations for Power Sources

The manufacturer's power source recommendation for best performance are based on motor type, shade size, and fabric type.    Please contact retailer for up to date power size charts based on motor type.

For best performance, orders of 10 or more shades are recommended to use plug-in transformers.    The multi-motor power supply kit is available at any size.   

Additionally, consider the frequency of operation. If you plan to raise and lower your shades more than once per day, we recommend a plug-in transformer or a multi-motor power supply for best performance.

Battery Considerations

Think about the physical location and effort required to change batteries for the shades. For hard-to-reach windows, consider using an extension cable (see retailer to order) attached to the battery case to allow easier access to the battery case(s).

Larger shades drain batteries more quickly than smaller shades while operating. If you choose batteries as your power source, shades bigger than 3,600 square inches (23,225.8 cm²) require dual battery tubes to extend battery life.

Plug-In Transformer Considerations

We recommend a plug-in transformer for shades bigger than 7,200 square inches (46,451.5 cm²). The location of the power outlet must be within 14 feet of the shade motor for the included cords to complete the connection. (Note that you may order an additional 4' or 8' extension cord.)

Multi-Motor (Direct-Wired) Power Supply

You can power shades of any size with a multi-motor power supply. This is an ideal solution for new construction or home remodels—the wires are hidden from view, and there are no batteries to change. A licensed electrician must run wire for the multi-motor power supply.  

Multi-motor (direct-wired) power supply